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The benefits of the iOS 16.4 update on iPhone 14 Pro

Apple launched the new iOS 16.4 update and there are benefits particularly with regard toiPhone 14 Pro.

Here are the details of the iOS 16.4 update on the iPhone 14 Pro

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One of the features of iPhone 14 Pro is the display Always-On, which reduces the refresh rate to 1Hz while the phone is not in use, i.e. standby. Thus, users can quickly check the time and widgets on the lock screen, even when the phone is in standby.

This feature, of course, brings the battery to discharge more easily and for this very reason Apple will allow users to see the battery percentage of the Always-on display, thanks to the function introduced by the iOS 16.4 update.

It is not yet known if this feature is already enabled in the beta version, because it takes a few hours for iOS to have enough statistics to detail the battery consumption of the Always-On Display. Despite this, this feature will help users. understand whether it is convenient to keep the Always-On display activated or not.

Going a little more into detail, according to some tests, the Always-On display function can download up to 20% battery of an iPhone 14 Pro in 24 hours. Instead, if you choose to keep the Always-On display with no background, your phone will download 14% in 24 ore.

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What does the iOS 16.4 update entail

Apple recently released the iOS 16.4 update which brings the ability to enable push notifications for web apps, introduces lots of new emoji, new shortcut actions, interface changes for Apple Music and more. Such as, for example, the reintroduction of HomeKit, previously removed due to bugs. In the Home app, iPhone and iPad users will be able to implement the update. The new HomeKit architecture aims to improve the reliability and efficiency of communication between smart home accessories and Apple devices. The beta version, however, is currently only available to developers.

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