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Apple Watch 8 review: finally a smartwatch that takes care of women’s bodies

Apple Watch has now reached8° serie and now it is more powerful than ever. Compared to the previous series, it does not bring with it shocking news from the point of view of design and functionality, but it could revolutionize the way women experience their Apple Watch. And also your body.
In fact, with the 8th series of its smartwatch, Apple has decided to focus a spotlight on well-being of women by monitoring ovulation (which has never happened until now with a smartwatch).

We got to try Apple Watch 8 for a whole week and we tell you our first impressions of use. Obviously consider this review as a work in progress, as some new features – such as the place temperature measurement – we could only evaluate them after at least one month of use.

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Apple Watch 8: why the temperature on the wrist

Apple Watch is famously one of the more powerful and technologically refined smartwatches that can be found on the market; it is no coincidence that the list price is 509 € for the version with 41 mm case it’s yes 549 € for the 45 mm one. The price is also justified – and above all – by the very high performance it guarantees (it never slows down and never gives problems) and by the excellent build quality that is not discussed. Every year Apple Watch acquires new sensors entirely dedicated to health (Apple’s focal point): in addition to the already tested sensors for the heartbeat, the ECG (electrocardiogram), the VO2 Max and the sensor for measuring oxygen levels in the blood now a sensor that measures the temperature on the wrist. What is it for? Simple: to keep track of the female cycle with great precision.

How wrist temperature measurement works to track your cycle

From what Apple developers have told us, it is not a thermometer to measure the temperature “on demand” – also because the wrist is not the right part of the body to do it – but of a sensor that detects the changes in temperature during the night (measurements take place every 5 seconds).

To make the data more accurate, the sensor has a dual design – one positioned on the back of the watch, closer to the skin, and another just below the display – thus reducing the risk of potential errors from the external environment.
This allows you to see what it is called on a graph basal temperature. Basal body temperature revolves around a simple principle: after ovulation and for about 14 days, basal body temperature increases by about 0.2-0.5 ° C.

The measurement of the basal temperature is therefore of fundamental help for a woman to be able to accurately track her menstrual cycle, thus allowing her to know her body better.

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Isn’t a simple app enough to track your period?

I’m sorry but the answer is no. Usually cycle tracking apps rely on past cycles and data you enter manually. They work quite well as long as you are lucky and have a regular cycle (i.e. 29 days), but when external factors change the cycle length the algorithms become much less precise.
Apple Watch 8 measure the temperature every night and, when it notices the changes, it tells you precisely when you are ovulating or when you are not.

Apple Watch 8 ovulation

What is the use of knowing if you are ovulating? The nicest and least informed will answer “to stay away from your girlfriends / wives, because they are too nervous in those days”. Those who have some common sense and knowledge will understand that knowing when you are ovulating means you can decide on your body.
Are you looking for a child? Ovulation is a great time to get pregnant.
Are you trying to avoid having children? Knowing when to ovulate leads us to avoid having intercourse during ovulation or to use extra precautions (which is always good to use when you do not want to become pregnant).
In short it’s a crazy tool, especially now that we try to keep women’s bodies under control. Apple Watch 8 brings awareness and power into the hands of women. I like to think that this new function does not come by chance, but that it has been chosen with care given the historical period in which we are living and which we are struggling through.

How to activate wrist temperature measurement

Activation is not so intuitive unfortunately. Apple Watch 8 must first be enabled for sleep tracking and Sleep Focus and then wear the smartwatch for 5 days in a row. After these days in which the watch “tares” you will be able to access a specific section on the Health app that will show you a graph of the fluctuation of the basal temperature measured on the wrist.

For now we have used it for a week, unfortunately far from the ovulation period, for this reason we reserve the right to update the paragraph you are reading once a month has passed.

Obviously, the basal temperature function can also be used by males as it is an indication of the general state of health and can depend on factors such as alcohol consumption, physical activity or an illness.

The usual, excellent, Apple Watch… which also sends SOS

Apple Watch 8 incident detection

Yes, it’s true, it is the usual and we would dare to say excellent Apple Watch even if there are some innovations among which we find accident detection (road).
Yes, you can do all the superstitious gestures you want.
To enable Accident Detection, Apple has developed an advanced algorithm that combines sensor inputs using a new gyroscope and accelerometer, with the latter boasting the highest dynamic range of any other smartwatch.

Real crash tests were carried out to create the algorithm, simulating real-life accidents with common automobiles, including front and side impacts, rear-end collisions and rollovers.
In addition to motion data, Incident Detection uses the barometer, GPS, and microphone on the iPhone as inputs to detect specific patterns that can indicate whether a serious accident has occurred.
When Apple Watch detects a major car accident, it will ask the user for confirmation and will contact the emergency services if there is no response within 10 seconds. Operators will receive the location of the device, which is also shared with the user’s emergency contacts.

Incident detection works in perfect synergy on Apple Watch and iPhone to ensure that the user receives help efficiently. When a major car accident is detected, the emergency call interface appears on the Apple Watch, as it is most likely the closest device to you as the call is forwarded via iPhone if it is within range to ensure the best possible connection. From what Apple has confirmed to us, the device automatically calls the emergency service for the country in which it is located (in the USA 911, in Italy 112, etc…).

Just to be clear, this feature is also active on the entry level sibling – Apple Watch SE – and on the brand new Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch 8 review: a better experience with watchOS 9

Along with the new family of new Apple Watch, the Cupertino giant has also released the new software version, designed to improve the app dedicated to workouts. Also available is the new Compass app, where you will find a symbol depicting two feet; by clicking on it you can create GPS coordinates and if necessary ask your Apple Watch for bring you back to that position (maybe you are in the mountains and you find it difficult to find the road you have just traveled). This new feature is called “Retrace your steps”And works hand in hand with Compass Waypoints (compass passage points).

apple watch 8 workouts review

Among the novelties of watchOS 9 we find – albeit with great delay compared to the competition – in-depth sleep analysis: Apple Watch uses signals from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor to produce an estimate of when the user is in REM sleep, light sleep, or deep sleep. The data on the stages of sleep are available directly on Apple Watch in the Sleep appand you can view more detailed information in the Health app on iPhoneincluding interactive graphs of sleep stages, as well as sleep duration along with heart or respiratory rate, in sleep comparison tables.

Apple Watch 8 recensione watchOS 9

Is it the best possible option? Not exactly. We have been using a third-party app called Pillow for a year, recommended by Apple itself within the Health app. And yes, it costs money but it is very precise and has a more captivating graphics than that offered by the Apple.

Finally, the experience with the function has also been improved Medicines on Apple Watch and iPhone which helps manage and track your medication, vitamin and supplement intake, allowing you to create a medication list, set schedules and reminders, and view information about your medications in the Health app.

Autonomy always the same, but with watchOS things change

Apple Watch 8 ha a declared autonomy of 18 hours with all the sensors always active. Yes, we know, it’s not a lot, the competition can do better in absolute terms, but the strength of Apple Watch lies in being always active, in being a constant monitor of our health: its main purpose is to be accurate and not …

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