Sta per arrivare l’edizione fisica di Stray: uscirà a novembre per PlayStation 4 thumbnail

The physical edition of Stray is about to arrive: it will be released in November for the PlayStation 4

The physical edition of Stray is coming: it will be released in November for PlayStation 4 thumbnail

Dear cyberpunk cat lovers, it’s time to retract the claws and start purring: the physical edition of Stray is coming. The retail edition will arrive onNovember 8 exclusive to PlayStation 4, and will include a set of six color cards. Additionally, those who purchase the physical edition for PS4 will receive a free update to the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

Stray arrives in physical edition: here is the trailer

Stray allows players to live the life of a separate cat from their own feline family. The gameplay is all about using her feline abilities: jumping, climbing and exploring the environment for and solve puzzles. The city appears dystopian, with a halo typical of cyberpunk atmospheres. Not surprisingly, at some point in history, our feline will encounter a droid called B-12.

This robotic aspect will allow players to converse with other inhabitants (human or otherwise) of the city and of interact with some objects in the surrounding environment. The cat will have a playful personality of its own, which will allow players to scratch furniture, interact with vending machines and rub against the legs of any robots they meet. In short: let out the cat hidden inside you!

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