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Apple Watch Pro, new design but same sensors (or almost)

In September, Apple will unveil its new ones iPhonea new model of AirPods so i three different smartwatches. In fact, from the Cupertino stage they should present the new Apple Watch 8, a new SE version and a template rugged”For the most extreme sports. This new Apple Watch Pro promises a new designone bigger screen and a larger battery. But it looks like it may have the same sensors we’ve seen, according to a new report by Mark Gurman. With one exception.

Apple Watch Pro: new design, screen, battery but almost the same sensors

Forecasts and rumors always risk not hitting the target: until there is the official announcement, nothing is sure. But when the rumors come from an informed source like Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, then the odds that you do verify are certainly higher.

Gurman confirms some of the rumors that have been circulating in recent weeks regarding the fact that Apple’s new Watch Pro may have a larger screen and longer battery life. And he specified that it will remain rectangular, albeit with an ‘evolution’ of the current design. Furthermore, it appears that Apple is intent on introducing one low power mode capable of extending the battery life for several days.

A new design

The new design introduced with the next generation will be the first novelty in the minimal lines of Apple Watch from 2018: Apple hasn’t presented a completely original style for its smartwatch in four years.

Gurman explains that “They tell me the top-of-the-range model [il Pro, ndr] it’s going to be a nice chunk bigger than the standard Apple Watch – big enough that only a subset of consumers might like it. The screen will be approximately 7% larger and the device will have a fresh look – the first time the company introduces a new Apple Watch design since 2018. It will be an evolution of the current rectangular shape, not circular. It also won’t have those rumored flat side dishes (for those who undoubtedly ask). At the material level, the watch will have a formula more durable than titanium to make it more rugged“.

Not all sensors Apple is working on will arrive this year

While the design promises to be new and fresh, Gurman instead remains more cautious about the new sensors Apple would be working on. In fact he reports that “the technology for the blood pressure won’t come until 2025”And even that“ the functionality for the glucose it may not be ready until we approach the end of the decade ”.

Both technologies promise to use a light sensor to record two data that today are mainly measured in a “physical” way, with glucose in particular requiring subcutaneous detection. The technologies to do this are developing, but carry them in a smartwatch without compromising battery and functionality it may take longer than it should.

However, Apple will announce health news in this generation as well. In fact, there should be a dedicated sensor to detect body temperature, real novelty in sensors for this year. Although at the moment it is unclear whether only the Pro will have this feature or, more likely, the standard model as well.

What’s new will also depend on the software, with WatchOS 9 that promises to revolutionize the Workouts app and better organize the measurements during workouts. Something particularly useful for the Apple Watch Pro, which with its rugged design and larger screen will be a perfect training companion.

Other news could arrive in the next few weeks, up to a few hours after launch in September. We will keep you posted.

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