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The new Honda Civic Type R presented

The return of the Honda Civic Type R thumbnail


The expectation is growing for the arrival on the European market at the beginning of 2023, of the new one Honda Civic Type R. The launch is on the occasion of his Civic’s 25th and 50th Anniversary. The new Type R was created to offer the most exciting Civic Type R ever.

Designed on the basis of the long-standing tradition that Honda has built for high-performance cars, inspired by the racing spirit of the Tokyo house.

2 honda unveils the new civic type rThe return of the Honda Civic Type R

A car with new benchmarks and set the lap record for a front-wheel drive sedan on the Japanese circuit of Suzuka. In the development stages, Honda engineers perfect every aspect of the new model. Including the design, essential for improving aerodynamic performance.

Lightweight components and powertrain enhancements have created the most powerful and responsive Type R ever

“With the new Civic Type R, Honda engineers have once again hit the target of creating the most rewarding driving experience possible. In the high-performance hatchback segment ”. Comment Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe.

“Thanks to the exceptional advances and technologies derived from motorsport. We have exceeded the performance of even the lightened and simplified version of the previous model. It is this dedication to excellence in performance that has made the Civic Type R. Such a popular model and enjoyed by driving purists for 25 years ”. So concludes Tom Gardner.

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