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Apple Watch Pro will arrive on September 7, with a flat display

Il September 7 we may finally see the new products arrive Apple: iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8 and SE, the new AirPods Pro. But as always, the Apple has it ready “One more thing” to catch our attention: this year could be a Apple Watch Pro con flat display.

Apple Watch Pro with flat display coming September 7th

Apple officially confirmed its event “Far Out”For 7 September, as has been rumored for some time. But the rumors also concern the products that we will be able to see in streaming (or live for those who will fly to Cupertino). Among these, there should be the ‘rugged’ version of Apple Watch, which should better resist scratches and bumps to become the perfect watch for the adventurous.

If at first we thought it could be called “Apple Watch Extreme” or something like that, the Apple has shown its usual demeanor in the nomenclature: it will simply be un Apple Watch Pro.

apple watch 8 pro rugged edition min

According to rumors in China, among the companies that supply Apple, as well as that of the screen expert Ross Young, it will be the largest Apple Watch ever. With a diameter of 47 mm and a flat display from 1.99 inch, it will be significantly larger than the 45mm and 1.77 ″ of the Apple Watch Series 7.

The rumors want this smartwatch to be the “one more thing” of this event, as it had happened in the past for iPhone Xthe first Apple Watch o Apple Music. And how iPhone X could be an ‘ultra-premium’ version with a design that, in the coming years, could become the new normal for Apple.

The event will be on 7 September at 4 pm Italian: we will follow it live to give you all the rumors as soon as possible.

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