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Apple Watch SE vs Series 8 vs Ultra, what are the main differences?

Appleduring his “Far Out” event, announced a much-rumored series of new Apple Watch. We are used to having a new smartwatch from the Cupertino company every year, but this time the giant has decided to turn the tables and introduce three new models: theApple Watch Series 8the version Ultra and a new one Watch SE economic. Each new Apple Watch has a very specific target audience, but what are the main differences?

Apple Watch SE vs Series 8 vs Ultra: what are the differences?

Apple on Wednesday 7 September unveiled three new smartwatches: the Apple Watch SEthe entry-level model; Apple Watch Series 8, the flagship version and successor to Series 7; and theApple Watch Ultraa rugged version dedicated to a very specific audience that practices extreme sports.

Apple Watch SE 2022

apple watch SEPhoto credits: Apple.

The new Apple Watch SE continues the philosophy of the SE 2020. It is the “low-end” model, which sacrifices some minor features for a much lower price. Apple’s SE branding rarely surprises, but at least the arrival of this Apple Watch helps end the reign of the Apple Watch Series 3, pushed by the company for years and now finally retiring.

Apple has followed the same path as always: it has taken some of the latest technologies available and has inserted them in an older body, to lower the price. In fact it is equipped with the chip S8 and the accident detection Series 8 and Ultra, new features arrived this year. On the other hand, however, non ha l’always-on display, the sensor that detects oxygenation in the blood, that of temperature and the ECG. It is a perfect model for those who want a performing device, equipped with the latest processor, but at the same time do not need specific features that would use very little.

Apple Watch SE 2022 is available for pre-order now starting from 309 euros for the 40mm GPS version, with the official release scheduled for September 16.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 the usual progression of the previous high-end smartwatches continues, with a design practically the same as the seventh generation. But now there is a new integrated temperature sensor, to monitor ovulation and female health. It also earns the traffic accident detectionlike the SE and Ultra version, and of course the new S8 chip.

apple watch series 8 minPhoto credits: Apple.

It is the ideal Apple Watch for those who want all the latest features and a performing device, but at the same time are not interested in the Ultra version which we will talk about shortly. It is available for pre-order starting from 509 euros for the 41mm GPS version, with the official release scheduled for September 16.

Apple Watch Ultra

apple watch ultra evento iphone 14 novita minPhoto credits: Apple.

The real novelty of this year is theApple Watch Ultra, an extreme and rugged version dedicated to a very specific audience, a new segment for the Cupertino company. It’s none other than Apple’s answer to rugged smartwatches from brands like Garmin and Polar, designed for be taken to very remote places for activities such as hiking and rock climbing.

The Apple Watch Ultra is made from aerospace titanium and it’s waterproof up to 100 meters. Its flat display is 49mm in size, making it by far the largest Apple Watch. It also has a programmable action button on the side. As for connectivity, it supports the GPS multibanda with trackback to help navigate to very remote places and retrace your steps on the return journey. The battery, on paper, lasts up to 36 hours and the device is capable of operating in harsh and extreme temperatures.

Then there is the night mode, which allows you to take advantage of the OLED display to switch to a dial with a black background and clearly visible red writings. For the occasion, Apple has created ad hoc straps for this model, such as the Alpine one for climbing and the Ocean one for diving.

It is sold with both GPS and cellular natural titanium finish starting from 1009 euroswith release date scheduled for September 23.

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