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Electronic Arts: aperto lo studio Ridgeline Games per Battlefield

A war so important that it deserves a special team: Electronic Arts opens the doors of Ridgeline Games, a studio all for Battlefield

After announcing a development model aimed at multiple studios for Battlefieldthe publisher and holder of the IP Electronic Arts opened one, that is Ridgeline Games. To captain this new team is Marcus Lehtoco-creator of none other than her majesty Halo. The affected team consists mostly of industry veterans, who will develop one new narrative campaign in the same universe as the beloved series. The declarations of enthusiasm, as often and willingly happens in these cases, were certainly not long in coming. For our part, we are here to bring them back.

Ridgeline Games, new war wing for Electronic Arts

Lehto said on behalf of Ridgeline Games: “It’s a great honor [per noi] that of having the opportunity to collaborate with DICE and Ripple Effect to advance storytelling and character development in the Battlefield series. ” Zampella wins, current head of the franchise, added: “We will invest again in the future of IP bringing with us new talent and unprecedented perspectives. With Marcus and his team alongside our already established global team, the series is in the best position to succeed. ” The single player breakthrough may not be around the corner, given the promise of a more massive narrative in the next seasons of 2042.

Of course, there could be more, but we’ll have to wait to find out more. Sadly, the self-proclaimed “Halo dad” has had some rough adventures after his first forays with the Master Chief. Marcus Lehto in fact founded later V1 Interactiveclosed after the flop of the unlucky Disintegration. As for this new opening, its timing couldn’t be better: until recently there was talk of a potential acquisition by Amazon. A way like any other, this, to remind us that EA does not intend to have anyone to report to for some time.

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