Apple Watch Series 6: stocks almost exhausted for the Titanium version

Apple Watch Series 6: scorte quasi esaurite per la versione Titanium thumbnail

Stocks of the Titanium version of the Apple Watch Series 6 are quickly running out. On a global scale, in fact, this version of the Apple Watch is experiencing low availability and some analysts have anticipated the probable future exit of this model. Confirmation also comes from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. With the Watch Series 7 getting closer, this version of Apple’s smartwatch may become increasingly rare.

Apple Watch Series 6: Titanium version may be discontinued

According to Gurman, the Watch Series 6 in versione Titanium would have been made by Apple in very limited stocks. Due to the high price, in fact, the Cupertino house may have chosen to build a small number of units, to avoid the risk of finding itself with high stocks and few market demands. The effect, however, was the opposite. Today, in fact, the stocks for the Watch Series 6 in the Titanium version are progressively reducing and this model is becoming increasingly rare and difficult to buy. Reports to this effect come from various international markets.

Series 7 arrives in September

On the occasion of the launch of the new iPhone 13, Apple should also unveil the new one Apple Watch Series 7. The new generation of the Cupertino smartwatch could record the return of the Titanium version. For customers interested in the purchase, therefore, it will be necessary to wait a few months, considering the rapid exhaustion of stocks of the Series 6. More details on the matter will certainly arrive in the coming weeks.

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