Twelve Minutes: the new interactive video game is about to arrive

Twelve Minutes: il nuovo videogame interattivo sta per arrivare thumbnail

The new Twelve Minutes will make its debut shortly. The official release date of the new title of Annapurna Interactive, in fact, has been announced and is set for the next August 19, 2021. The title is an interactive thriller that sees a man imprisoned in a time loop. The game was developed with the collaboration of internationally renowned actors such as Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy e Daisy Ridley who participated in the project by lending their voices.

Twelve Minutes is the new interactive video game with a Hollwood cast

The new Twelve Minutes will see the protagonist imprisoned in a time loop. It is a real interactive thriller that promises to offer a lot of fun to the players. The actors Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley participate in the project with their voices.

The game’s official release date is set for the next one 19 of August 2021. The title will be available on consoles Xbox (both One and Series X and Series S) and on PC Steam. The new game will support the Italian language with interface and subtitles while the voices will be in English only.

The official trailer of the game

here is the official trailer of the project. The video in question is only available on YouTube (as it is subject to age restrictions) but cannot be played by the player. However, just click on “Watch on YouTube” to access the app and view the trailer.

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