Apple Watch Series 7 screen will be bigger

Lo schermo di Apple Watch Series 7 sarà più grande thumbnail

Apple Watch Series 7 it will not only be more technological and performing than the previous Apple smartwatch, it will also have one bigger screen. For both device cuts, that they will grow from 40 to 41 millimeters and from 44 to 45. And it looks like Apple has already thought of some new Watch Faces to take advantage of space sul display.

Apple Watch Series 7: Bigger Screen Coming Soon

According to reports from the trusted Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, the new Series 7 will not only be the best Apple Watch ever but also the biggest. The first renderings seen for the web in recent months indicated a larger package but did not go into the details of why Apple felt the need to increase the packaging of its product. Now we know why: an extra millimeter of diagonal across the device screen, while offering the double choice for those with the thinnest wrist.

In addition to increasing the diagonal of the screen, Apple is recalibrating the design of its smartwatch in many details. As confirmed by the other famous leaker Apple Jon Prosser, the Cupertino designers worked to achieve a flatter outline and screen, giving more decisive lines than in the past to the device. In addition, the bezels will be thinner than in the past, increasing the screen-to-body ratio of the new Apple Watch.

Although the most noticeable feature at launch will be the new color options, the work to improve the curves of the smartwatch has been quite significant. Apple has never fundamentally changed the Watch, trying instead to accomplish gradual improvements to have an increasingly elegant device. We just have to wait for the launch to find out if they made it this time too.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 also delivers a faster processor and better connections, even if it seems that Apple wants to wait to update the health sensors department, at least until the 2022. The device is expected to be announced alongside the new iPhone 13 on September 14, and then reach the wrists of fans by the end of the month.

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