Nacon publishes War Hospital, the game from Brave Lamb Studio

Nacon pubblica War Hospital, il gioco di Brave Lamb Studio thumbnail

Nacon and Brave Lamb Studio talked about the common commitment they are placing in “War Hospital”, the new management video game set during the Great War. It is a title that mixes elements of strategy, survival and role-playing with the aim of letting us lead a field hospital during the First World War.

“War Hospital” is set in 1917, and will allow us to take on the role of the major Henry Wells, a British doctor sent to the front to treat wounded soldiers and raise the morale of the troops. Users will have to develop the facility and cope with the emergencies that will inevitably come.

The spirit of War Hospital, the Nacon title

The title aims to faithfully recreate the setting of the front and the medical equipment, thanks to the collaboration with the British Imperial War Museums. Players will have to make tough moral choices, which will directly affect the mood of the soldiers and survivors.

From this point of view, the videogame wants to face the war from a different point of view, focusing on real consequences of armed conflict and on all the death and despair they cause. The war will therefore not be spectacularized as it happens in many other titles that approach the subject in a much lighter way.

The words of the managers

Michał Dziwniel, Head of Studio, he has declared:

“We are thrilled to partner with Nacon. We believe this will help introduce War Hospital to more players around the world and show them a different face of war in video games.

Benoît Clerc, editorial director of NACON, commented:

“Nacon is particularly proud and honored to have been chosen by Brave Lambs to work alongside the success of War Hospital, a one-of-a-kind game, proving once again, in the wake of titles like This War of Mine and Soldats Inconnus that our media can deal with complex and serious topics while maintaining their identity “

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