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Apple Watch Ultra: the smartwatch for adventure

The big news of the latest Apple event is a smartwatch designed to go on an adventure: Apple Watch Ultra. An ultra resistant watch with 49 mm titanium case e sapphire crystal front plate, which protects the brightest smartwatch display made by Apple. And then battery up to 36 in a bold design, plus several features for being outdoors and having adventures to remember. So here are the features and price of the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra: price and specifications of the new smartwatch

Being outdoors means enjoying the sun on your skin, but you are not always happy to have it on the smartwatch screen. But the new Ultra is not afraid of the sun: the Retina display gives 2000 nits ensures twice the visibility of any other Apple Watch.

In addition, Apple has placed the new Action key, high contrast international orange color, which you can customize to access different functions (even when wearing gloves). How Workouts, Compass Waypoints and Retrace your stepsthe function that allows you to retrace your route if you can no longer find your way around.

Also a new beam forming algorithm and three microphonesi make it possible to reduce its exteriors (even the wind) to make calls even outdoors. And with the second speaker you too will hear great.

Three straps for every challenge

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Apple also thought of the straps to provide you with the best experience while outdoors. In fact you will find:

  • Trail Loopthe thinnest ever made, in soft and very versatile fabric with an easy-to-adjust tongue
  • Alpine Loop, with two layers created by a single spinning process to eliminate seams. Woven with an ultra-strong thread and with a titanium clamp hook
  • Oceandesigned for diving and extreme water sports, fits your wrist perfectly with the flexible fluoroelastometer

Below you can see the proofs of nostra Fjona and a comparison with her Apple Watch Series 7, to evaluate case size and two different straps.

Taking sport to another level

Apple Watch Ultra wants to be a smartwatch to wear every day, but which is also suitable for the most demanding sportsmen. To do this, for example, integrate a Dual frequency precision GPS integrates both L1 and the latest frequency, L5: a solution designed for marathon runners and more. It also calculates stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation and running power.

Thanks to the larger screen it also shows 6 parameters at a time during workouts. And those who do multisport experiences such as triathlon, function Multisport it will automatically detect when you switch from swimming to biking and then running. And with the battery that lasts a long time, you can finish a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km full marathon.

Il Action button moreover, it can be used for various personalized layouts, in order to mark laps, stages or the change of sport.

From the mountains to the sea

The new Apple Watch Ultra is great for exploring. Thanks also to some watchOS features such as the redesigned Compass app. Which also allows you to use the “Retrace your steps” function, so you never get lost. Compass Waypoints are a quick and convenient way to mark a location or point of interest directly in the app.

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Allowing you to explore both mountains as cold at -20 ° C as the desert at 55 ° C, knows no bounds. Also thanks to the standard MIL-STD-810H, which certifies that it can resist practically any external agent.

Those who love diving can use the certified smartphone WR100 e EN13319. Apple has also partnered with Huish Outdoorsa company known for providing diving equipment, to launch the app Oceanic+. This way the app uses the Bühlmann decompression algorithm and includes dive planning, giving you easy-to-read data even underwater. And with the Action Button you can also interact easily.

All the Apple technology

If these are the absolute novelties, the Apple Watch Ultra also has all the benefits seen for Apple Watch Series 8 e su watchOS. This means you can do heart monitoring, ECG and O₂ Levels apps, Activity rings, Mindfulness, and more.

In addition, the sensor for body temperature and traffic accident detection also arrives on this model. Apple Watch Ultra has everything an Apple Watch hasbut in a larger and more resistant body.

Apple Watch Ultra: price and availability

You can pre-order the new smartwatch as early as todayonly to see it arrive from Friday 23 September. All Apple Watch Ultra have cellular network and a price starting from 1009 eurosas you can see on the official pre-order website.

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