Griglia e Friggitrice ad aria Ninja Foodi MAX AG551EU

SharkNinja IFA 2022: Between electric brooms, air fryers and ..

BERLIN – On the occasion of the last edition of IFA 2022 in Berlin, the annual consumer electronics fair, SharkNinja showed its products in the very rich stand set up. The American company born in the early 90s arrived in Italy very recently and is known for the design and production of best in class appliances, with particular attention to design.

SharkNinja at IFA 2022: Between electric brooms, air fryers and much more

Curious about this new entry in the Italian market, we admired the news coming directly to IFA 2022, let’s find out what awaits us!

Shark AI ULTRA 2-in-1 Robot

A new vacuum robot joins SharkNinja’s ranks, the Shark AI ULTRA 2-in-1. It is a robot capable of both vacuuming and washing floors thanks to a double system inside that allows it to recognize the type of material and floor it is cleaning. A series of sensors allows it to increase suction when it passes over a carpet or carpet and stop washing fabrics, but also to recognize dirt, obstacles and unevenness.

The robot is equipped with two scrubbing brushes that vibrate by applying, in addition to the classic passage of the robot that wets the floor, also a quick and effective movement against dirt. One version also allows you to couple it to a large automatic emptying / refilling base without annoying bags that will allow you to empty the dust accumulated after weeks.

Shark WandVac System 2-in-1 Cordless

Remaining in the world of cleaning by SharkBeauty we find the versatile Shark WandVac system, a practical and efficient device capable of transforming itself from an electric broom to a portable vacuum cleaner in a few moments without sacrificing efficiency. The floor mode allows you to remove dirt quickly while the hand mode will allow you to reach the smallest crevices or move it comfortably where you need it, for example in the car. A remarkable power. an autonomy that lasts up to 32 minutes and 3 useful accessories will allow you to get the most out of it in a short time.

Arriva SharkBeauty

At the Berlin event a large space was also dedicated to SharkBeauty, the new line of tech products for beauty and hair care, the latest addition to the great Shark family. Here we had the opportunity to admire, among other things, the new Hair Styler Shark FlexStyle.

Hair Styler Shark FlexStyle

Shark FlexStyle is a powerful and versatile multi-styling hairdryer designed for all hair types and abilities. The product was created with the intention of celebrating the diversity of the hair of each of us, straight, curly, frizzy, soft … The SharkBeauty campaign “For all Hairkind” (For all hair types) aims to help consumers to appreciate your hair regardless of its characteristics and explore all the possibilities.

With the new FlexStyle, it is possible to dry the hair but at the same time voluminize the curls or improve the straight hair with a simple “switch”. The upper part of the device can in fact rotate and thus become a real multi-tool.

SharkNinja in the kitchen

Shark and Ninja have joined forces to bring us the best cooking products that make preparing delicious food and drinks quick and easy. Perfect for both veteran cooks and novices alike, SharkNinja devices range from innovative blenders, food processors, ice cream makers to durable, high-quality cookware. Among the SharkNinja products that we have explored, the ones that have intrigued us most are certainly …

Ninja Foodi MAX Grill

Ninja Foodi MAX AG551EU Grill and Air Fryer |  Ninja Italy

It is a grill, even an air fryer but also a griddle! This intriguing appliance could be the solution to all our problems in the kitchen. With six cooking options and the ability to fry without oil, the Ninja Foodi MAX Grill will allow you to cook lots of foods quickly and easily. All in an elegant futuristic design that would look great on our kitchens!

Ninja MAX AF160EU Air Fryer |  Ninja Italy

By now the SharkNinja air fryer is also inevitable, which also has a double version with two compartments dedicated to frying without oil and more. The two sections can be operated independently so that two ingredients or dishes that require different times and temperatures can be cooked at the same time.

Ninja CREAMi

We understand that versatility is at home with SharkNinja and the Ninja CREAMi is no exception. In fact, this ice cream maker allows you to create a large amount of ice cream and similar with seven specific programs such as Ice Cream, Sorbet, Smoothie, Milkshake and much more. Just insert any ingredient you want, put the result in the freezer for 24 hours, and that’s it!

All other products can be explored on the Italian site of SharkNinja, as regards the products dedicated to the kitchen, and on Shark Italia for all the others. Some products will be added later

Which one intrigued you the most?

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