Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED display: expected to launch by 2025

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According to the DigiTimes publication, a new Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display will be released in 2024 or 2025. The article claims that Apple plans to extend the technology to iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks as well. Let’s see better what it is.

Apple Watch Ultra with microLED display, what it is

The aforementioned report reiterates that Apple has been developing microLED technology since acquiring California-based company LuxVue in 2014. As the production of microLED displays remains challenging, production costs are higher, which is why Apple will start implementing the technology on the Apple Watch Ultra before the larger devices.

However, the deals apparently stipulate that the European company OSRAM will be the main supplier of microLED chips for Apple. But, according to the report, there is a likelihood that Taiwanese suppliers such as Epistar could become additional suppliers of microLED chips by 2026-2027.

Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu said the Apple Watch Ultra will feature a larger 2.1-inch display and microLED technology would allow for higher brightness than OLED models.

The technological transition from LCD to OLED

Meanwhile, Apple is still completing its long transition from LCD to OLED display technology. The Apple Watch has used OLED since its launch in 2015, and iPhone models have gradually transitioned to OLED since 2017. Rumors suggest that the first iPad Pro and MacBook models with OLED displays will be released in 2024.

Apple Watch Ultra is ultra in everything

The Ultra version of the Apple Watch it is ultra in everything: in the shapes, in the concept behind it and obviously in the price. It is a smartwatch that already conveys solidity to the eye because Apple has designed it for an audience of explorers, divers, for those who do triathlons, ironman or run fearlessly in the woods or in the desert. Apple Watch Ultra is built to last temperatures ranging from -20° to +55. To be ultra is also the Dual frequency GPSthe most accurate ever designed for an Apple Watch which, when paired with the new, totally redesigned Compass app, can retrace your steps if you get lost in the middle of nowhere.