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Apple Watch will be the smartwatch of the World Surf League

Apple Watch will be the smartwatch of the World Surf League thumbnail

Apple Watch will become the official smartwatch of World Surf League: This is Apple’s first official sports league partnership. Surfers will use both the Serie 8 that Watch Ultra to keep track of your sports performance during the championship.

Apple Watch will be the World Surf League wearable

The WSL has announced that for the first time, Apple Watch will be used as “official equipment in a professional sports environment.” Surf pros will use the new WSL Surfer app on Apple Watch 8 or Apple Watch Ultra throughout the Championship Tour season.

The WSL Surfer app on Apple Watch will sync with the WSL scoring system in real time. The athletes will thus receive scores, priority to take the wave and total times. The WSL says the Apple Watch is very suitable for the activityespecially thanks to its large and bright screen, its resistant design and cellular connectivity.

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Eric JueDirector of Apple Watch Product Marketing, comments: “We are thrilled that WSL is using Apple Watch for the Championship Tour, making it simple and easy for surfers to quickly glance at their wrist for instant access to vital information. This innovative solution takes advantage of many of the advanced features of the Apple Watch – bright high-resolution display, durability, water resistance, cellular connectivity and a powerful platform for building custom apps – and the new WSL Surfer app will allow surfers to compete at the highest level with the information they need while they’re on the go. water”.

The WSL also explains that each surfer will receive an Apple Watch Ultra or Apple Watch Series 8 before the competition, with the WSL Surfer app already installed. WSL has tested the technology for the previous two seasons to make sure it meets the demands of the competition.

This announcement seems to demonstrate how much Apple Watch lends itself to water sports. Do you want which sport you use your Apple Watch for? Let us know in the comments.

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