Apple Watch with MicroLED display arriving by the end of 2025

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Cupertino engineers are reportedly working on one version of Apple Watch with MicroLED display. According to reports from Jeff Pua technology analyst at Haitong International Securities in Hong Kong, the launch of the Apple Watch MicroLED could happen by the end of 2025.

Apple Watch with MicroLED display arriving by the end of 2025

Pu stressed that this advanced technology offers superior brightness, even compared to the excellent results seen this year with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Furthermore, it allows for more faithful color reproduction and improved viewing angles. This should make the images displayed on the watch more alive and realistic, almost as if they were painted on top of glass.

The news of the MicroLED display on the Apple Watch Ultra isn’t entirely new. The display analyst Ross Young had initially expected the launch in 2024, but later delayed the forecast to the second half of 2025. Bloomberg was betting on 2024, while TrendForce on 2026, due to some necessary adjustments in the supply chain.

The new MicroLED display is expected to have a size of 2.12 inches, which represents a significant increase over the current Apple Watch Ultra display.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple may not limit this technology to just smart watches. It is expected that the company plans to extend the use of custom MicroLED displays to as well iPhone, iPad e Mac, once the technology has been successfully tested in the Apple Watch Ultra.

The transition to custom MicroLED displays appears to be part of Apple’s broader effort to reduce the its dependence on external vendors such as Samsung. But we should probably wait until 2025 to know if this will actually be the case.

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