The Last of Us: is the Multiplayer spin-off still in development?

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Is The Last of Us Multiplayer spin-off still in development? Recent news updates us on the status of this production. Here are all the details

It is increasingly likely that we will never see the multiplayer standalone of The Last of Us from Naughty Dog, or at least not in the form the studio was hoping to release it in; earlier this year, it was reported that the development team of the project was scaled back after an internal re-evaluation by Sony, with indications from Bungie that they would have highlighted problems with the game’s live service approach, and at this point the project seems to be almost completely dead in the water.

The Last of Us: is the Multiplayer spin-off still in development?

The Last of Us: news on the development of the multiplayer title

In a recently published report, Kotaku stated that Naughty Dog is laying off “at least” 25 contract employees by the end of the month, joining a growing list of video game developers who have been hit with layoffs in recent days. On top of that, the report also states that while the Last of Us multiplayer game has not been “completely cancelled” and with it its development, it is currently considered “frozen” – so things aren’t looking good for the project. If that means Naughty Dog and Sony will they return to the game and try to bring it back in a different way remains to be seenbut at the very least it’s becoming increasingly clear that we’re unlikely to ever see the very ambitious project that Naughty Dog originally envisioned as its most ambitious game yet.

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