Apple Watch: With the ECG sensor, detecting a heart attack is possible

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An Apple Watch can be used to detect a heart attack, at least theoretically. Even if Apple itself clarifies that models with ECG function cannot be used for this purpose, medical research has shown that this possibility is, at least technically, feasible. Here are the details:

Medical research confirms the possibility of detecting a heart attack with Apple Watch with ECG function

The results of a study, at least theoretically, are possible use an Apple Watch with ECG function to detect a heart attack. A standard ECG reading detects a heart attack with a 12-lead reading while Apple Watch with ECG stops at a 1-lead reading. By placing the Apple smartwatch in different points, however, the study highlights the possibility of obtaining a 9-lead reading. The study was published by the Texas Heart Institute Journal.

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The study, as well as Apple itself, specifies in each case that the Apple Watch is not designed to detect a heart attack. The device can only perform sequential and non-simultaneous reads. Furthermore, to obtain precise data, it is necessary to position the smartwatch in some very specific points that an unqualified user may not be able to detect.

In theory, therefore, the Watch’s sensors could detect a heart attack but, as the Cupertino house also clarifies, the device was not designed for this purpose. However, the doctor’s office certifies the potential of the sensors by suggesting how a 3 or 4-lead reading might be able to offer more precise data.