Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks to get started

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In this guide we will reveal many useful tips and tricks to start your adventure on Cult of the Lamb in the best possible way

Cult of the Lamb has been available for about a week and in this short period of time it has already managed to conquer many players all over the world. This title managed to stand out thanks to gods themes and to one stile in stark contrast to each other, but it also stood out for its mechanics of gameplay. The game indeed is a perfect hybrid between management and action roguelite, two genres that are rarely associated. Being able to excel in both these aspects of Cult of the Lamb, however, is not easy at all and for this reason we have decided to write this article, where we will reveal many useful tips and tricks to juggle cult management and combat.

The two sides of the coin

Before moving on to our usual list of tips and tricks we would like to give you a little hint on how to best deal with the two sides of Cult of the Lamb. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, this title has both a management component and a roguelite component. These two sides of the game incredibly they are very distinctly separated and consequently the players will have the possibility to focus more on what they prefer. For example, if you don’t like to fight, you can spend most of your time managing the seat of your cult, while on the contrary, if the management of resources bores you, you can throw yourself in one dungeon after another.

Both aspects of the game will allow you to somehow get improvements for your characterbut to better face the game you will still have to be able to balance them. Finding a good balance between resource management and dungeon exploration will give you the chance to significantly speed up the growth of the cult and your PC. Furthermore, to reach the end of the game you will necessarily have to complete all the dungeons several times, so even if you want to proceed slowly fighting cannot be avoided entirely.

Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks to get started

Managing time – Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks

Cult of the Lamb ha un day night cycle with which you will have to quickly learn to live with. This time period will hardly affect dungeon exploration at all, but it will be fundamental for the management of the cult. Your followers indeed they will be active only during the day (usually) and as a result you will have a limited amount of time to perform some recurring activities such as giving sermons.

To get the most out of each day we suggest you spend the mornings managing the cult preparing food, talking to followers and so on, and then dive into a dungeon towards the middle of the cycle. This way even if your exploration takes a very long time you will still be able to return from worship in the morningthus having enough time to provide for all their daily needs.

Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks to get started

Go agriculture now – Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks

Of the many resources you will need to make your cult flourish, the most important is certainly the food. Food will serve you for keep your followers happy and healthy, so it will be essential to try to always have a large supply. At the beginning of your game you can find a good amount of ingredients by exploring the dungeons, but as the cult expands you will need more and more a fixed source of nourishment.

To avoid finding yourself in a bad situation we advise you to start investing resources as soon as possible in building a farm. The facilities needed to create this farm will go unlocked by using devotion of your followers, but luckily the main ones will be easily obtained at the beginning of the game. Basically it will be enough create fields, a farmer station and a seed box to ensure that the adepts begin to generate food for you, but over time you will have the possibility to optimize the process more and more. If you are interested in finding out how to create an advanced farmwe suggest you take a look at our dedicated article that you can find who.

Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks to get started

Avoid Overpopulation – Cult of the Lamb: Tips and Tricks

Obtain new followers it is essential to speed up the growth of the cult and to progress in history, but it will not always be wise to get large numbers of followers into your sect. However subject they are to you, the cult members will have their own needs which must be respected to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, if you fail to adequately feed the faithful every day you could find yourself with a sea of ​​sick and dead in your hands. Likewise if you can’t build enough beds for all your followers the discontent it may grow so large that followers leave the cult or, worse, actively damage it.

To avoid being overwhelmed by the needs of followers, we therefore suggest you don’t recruit new ones until you are sure you have enough resources to keep them. Fortunately, however, in case of overpopulation it is quite easy to get back in control of the situation. In fact, with the just commandments you will have the opportunity to “dispose of”Easily the excess followers and in some cases you will also get some very useful extra material.

Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks to get started

Explore a lot – Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks

In Cult of the Lamb you will have the opportunity to explore several peaceful areas which are located in the vicinity of the seat of your cult. These areas they will unlock as you progress through the story and they house various structures and useful NPCs within them. For example, you may sometimes come across gods shops while in other cases you may find useful renewable resource sources. Not to mention the various quest e secondary activities that can help you to disconnect a little from the basic gameplay loop and earn some items.

In each of these places you will also have the opportunity at some point to visit a totem. These altars work in a very similar way to the one in the center of your village and will allow you to over time get a little bit of extra devotion easily.

Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks to get started

Consume the flock – Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks

As we told you in a previous paragraph, over time you will be able to harnessing followers to increase your power in a very direct way. For example sacrificing a cult member to your divinity you will be able to gain a lot of experience in a short time, while murdering someone during the night you can get a lot of meat from his corpse.

These options may sound brutal but as nice as followers may be, for you they are nothing more than resources. Also unlike you cultists can age and once they are 40/50 years old they will stop working and they will only consume your resources. For this reason it is always better for you to end their life, so that they can serve you one last time even in death. But remember to always pay attention to the mood of your followers for if you have not issued the proper commandments, they may not be very happy to see you slaughter their friends.

Cult of the Lamb: tips and tricks to get started

The best spiritual leader

Here ends our slew of tips and tricks on how to approach Cult of the Lamb. Now for sure you will have no problem becoming a spiritual leader worthy of the name. Our article is over but, if you want to know even more about the game, on our site you can find other guides dedicated to Cult of the Lamb and over time more and more will come.

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