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Apple: When the feature doesn’t work

Put on your shoes, put on your jacket, put on your shoes AirPods in your ears and put your case and iPhone in your pocket. One last look to make sure you have turned off all the lights and left the house.
The journey is short but take the opportunity to make a phone call anyway, just to optimize the times. Then arrive at your destination, lock the car, put the AirPods back in the case and enter the supermarket.
As you wander around the fruit and vegetable department, he arrives a notification that tells you that you have forgotten the AirPods.
For a moment you think you have left them in the car then check all the pockets until you find the Apple earphones.
Fiuuuuu … there they are.
Perplexed, look at the notification. Decide it’s a small mistake and forget it.

The problem is that it happens again. As soon as you stop using Apple’s Bluetooth earphones, iPhone signals that you have forgotten them. And when in doubt, you keep groping jackets, pants, and any other garment with pockets to make sure the AirPods are there with you. And there are.
So what’s up? It happens that the function does not work. And the function here is Wherethe Apple system that helps to track and find Cupertino products using the app of the same name.

Apple AirPods and the problems with notifications: how to fix?

The scene we have described to you is not a work of fiction. It actually really happened. With the AirPods 2, the AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro. All of them gave us the same headache.

What to do in these cases? There are 2 possible solutions.

1 – Check the safe positions

Airpods Problem Notifications 1

If you get notifications even when you are at home, first check the safe locations.
To do this you have to open the app Where, select the AirPods and then tap on Notify me when I leave. Here you will have the option to enter a number of secure locations such as your home or office address.
If you have already entered them, make sure there are no errors.

2 – Reconnect the AirPods

If everything is set correctly but the problem persists, you will have to opt for another method, the one officially suggested by Apple: remove AirPods from the Find My app and Settings (Bluetooth / AirPods and then Forget Device).

At this point restart the iPhone, reconfigure the AirPods and re-enable Where is making sure to flag the item Notify me when I leave.

At this point the problem should be solved.

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