PlatinumGames ed NFT: per la software house è un sonoro no thumbnail

PlatinumGames vs NFT: for the software house it is a sound no

While many software houses continue to look with some insistence on NFT and technology blockchain, PlatinumGames, the studio behind products like Bayonetta and NieR Automata, said they have no interest in the subject. Not only that: the software house has clearly stated that this type of virtual token does not carry no advantage to either the players or the creators.

PlatinumGames against NFTs

It is no secret that the video game industry is still very conflicted regarding the use of blockchain technology and NFTs. Just think that some software houses, like Ubisoft ed Electronic Arts, continue to focus on this novelty with insistence, while others remain very perplexed by this new technology, even in the face of not exactly positive feedback from users.

Now also PlatinumGames she said, declaring herself skeptical of NFTs, here is what the software house said:

“I understand that it is currently a hot topic and is gaining ground, but it is doing it solely with a view to profits and with no positive impact on creators or users,” he explains. Atsushi Inaba, CEO of Platinum Games: “Those who are looking to promote NFTs by partnering with video game companies are doing so with one-sided speeches like ‘hey, you’ll make money!’, But how can this benefit users and creators? ? If I want to spend my time on something, I want to use it to make good games ”.

PlatinumGames NFT

To echo the opinions of the CEO, he then thought about it Hideki Kamiya the vice president of the studio, who explains: “I consider myself a user from the bottom of my heart, before being a businessman, and for now they do not give any benefit. In the future, if they are expanded in a way that is good for players, then maybe I might be interested in how they work. But for now this is not the case ”.

In short, rather clear positions on the issue, and also decidedly not questionable, at least for how the sector is exploiting NFTs for the moment.

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