Apple: when will the launch of the VR headset? The wait could be long

Apple: quando sarà il lancio del visore VR? L'attesa potrebbe essere lunga thumbnail

2021 is drawing to a close and rumors of what Apple may introduce in 2022 continue to intensify. According to many, as we have already seen several times on the pages of Tech Princess, Apple is aiming to launch a VR headset, which according to various analysts should be announced in 2022: be careful, however, for the official launch it could take much longer.

Apple: when will the launch of the VR headset?

Mark Gurman di Bloomberg he just explained in the Power On column that, in fact, Apple is planning to announce a VR headset by 2022. However, that doesn’t mean it will be that easy for customers to get their hands on this product. What the analyst means is that the Cupertino company may have to contend with a rather extended period between the announcement of the device and its actual sale in stores.

“The first Apple headset will have a complex and expensive design to build, complete with interchangeable lenses. The company will likely have to work closely with governments around the world and a bevy of manufacturers to produce complex technologies that neither side has ever deployed before. Gurman – This will take time and, of course, Apple will want to make sure it has evaluated all possible variables before introducing it to the market. “

This news is not exactly a surprise, on the other hand it wouldn’t be the first time that an Apple product has announced the arrival of a product months and months before its official launch. The same thing had in fact happened with the Apple Watch, with which the beauty of 227 days elapsed between announcement and listing. In this regard, the analyst specified that:

“The months of publicity needed to attract user interest in a new (and expensive) product and to get enough developer support to make it worthwhile will be more important.”

The wait therefore still seems long, but if you need a bombproof VR headset, we’re more than willing to wait.