Apple will allow third-party payments in apps in South Korea

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Apple has unveiled its compliance plans for developers to use third party payment options in South Korea at a reduced service fee. This is the announcement released by the Korea Communication Commission, which said it will soon provide more details on the matter. Such as, for example, the exact date on which the payment option will go into effect. The announcement comes after South Korean authorities asked App Store operators to submit detailed plans under the new law banning forcing developers to use their payment systems.

Apple: green light for third-party payments for App developers

Apple will allow developers to make third-party payments in South Korea. On the other hand, at the end of August 2021, the South Korean parliament passed the world’s first bill to prevent global tech giants from forcing developers to use their in-app billing systems. “We look forward to working with the KCC and our developer community on a solution that benefits Korean users,” said a spokesperson for the Cupertino-based company. At the moment, the number of App developers operating in the country has increased about 580000. And the Apps available in the store are approximately 1.4 million.

“Apple has a great deal of respect for Korea’s laws and a solid history of partnering with the country’s talented app developers. Our work will always be guided by keeping the App Store a safe and reliable place where our users can download the Apps they love ”. The company spokesman commented recently. Ultimately, the company has helped Korean developers access markets and customers in nearly 200 countries around the world. In short, there seems to be a good harmony between companies and developers in South Korea. And the Cupertino company immediately moved to adapt to the laws of the country.