Apple will bring iPad production from China to Vietnam

Apple sposterà la produzione degli iPad fuori dalla Cina thumbnail

Apple aims to reduce its dependence on China for manufacturing. To achieve this goal, the Cupertino company intends to move the production of iPads. In fact, in the future, Apple’s tablets will no longer be produced in China but in Vietnam. Here are the details about the new choice of the Cupertino house.

Apple wants to move iPad production out of China

The difficulties experienced by Apple in China in recent months, due to the effects of the pandemic and the zero Covid policy of the Chinese government on production, have prompted the company to start a new project. Apple will move iPad production out of China, focusing on Vietnam. The company will probably rely on Foxconn.

At first, the shift in production will only be partial. In the future, with a view to reducing dependence on Chinese suppliers, the operation could concern the entire range of tablets. Recall that Apple has already started moving production outside China for AirPods.

For the future, the company could significantly diversify its production by choosing more countries to assemble its products. In any case, China remains a reference for the production of Apple products and, in particular, for iPhones which represent the heart of the company’s range.

In any case, over the next few years, Apple should continue to focus on alternatives to the Chinese market regarding the production of its products. Vietnam represents a valid alternative, both in terms of quality and costs.