What do we know about the next eFootball 2022 update

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Konami has announced that eFootball 2022 will receive a new update that will bring the game to version 1.1. In fact, the official post of the Japanese company, which arrived on Twitter, is about a series of scheduled updateswhich will be released over the next 18 months.

The tweet reads: “We have received a lot of feedback and questions regarding eFootball 2022, and in response we would like to introduce some of the planned updates that will come following version 1.1.0”. Among the novelties of the update there will be new controls, new passing modes, greater accuracy of the shooting and cross mechanics and a new feature that will allow players to change the pace of the attack. Numerous clubs and leagues will also arrive in game by the end of 2022, while in 2023 the Master League will also arrive.

Today (June 1, 2022) the game is down for maintenance, it should be back online tomorrow including update 1.1.0. We also remind you that the second season of eFootball will arrive on June 16, 2022.

All the news of the new update of eFootball 2022

Among the news reported on the official blog of the game are:

Sharp Touch: to allow you to accelerate quickly during a dribling to leave the defender behind.

Stunning Pass: A new mechanic that will allow players to make spectacular and accurate passes.

Stunning Shot: a mechanic that makes the shot on goal more powerful and unstoppable, however it will be necessary to open the defenses to have the necessary space to execute it.

Shield: allows the player to protect the ball.

Pass-and-run: what in football schools was called “come on and go”

In addition to this, the new update introduces numerous defensive mechanics. You can consult the complete list of news on the official eFootball 2022 blog.

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