Apple will invest in generative AI for iOS 18

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Apple will invest in generative artificial intelligence (AI) to iOS 18with approximately $4.75 billion per server with new GPU NVIDIA. Second Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, Apple surprised its own employees with this breakthrough towards generative AI.

Apple focuses on generative AI for iOS 18, investments of 4.75 billion

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known industry analyst, revealed that Apple already has spent at least 620 million dollars on AI servers this year and intends to further intensify efforts in the coming year. The prediction is that Apple will invest nearly $4.75 billion in AI servers in 2024allowing the company to scale up its generative AI activities.

The competition is not to be underestimated, with the likes of Microsoft and Google having already invested billions in generative AI. Microsoft has committed $10 billion to OpenA’s ChatGPT platformI, while Google is developing Bard, a large language model based on generative AI.

Apple’s plan includes purchasing a significant number of AI servers, going from 2,000-3,000 this year to a massive increase to 20,000 servers the following year. Furthermore, Apple could use the powerful GPU Nvidia HGX H100 for generative AI training, with further upgrades planned.

Apple’s massive investment demonstrates the importance of generative AI in the technology sector. The competition is fierce, and Apple is doing everything necessary to compete at the highest level. With iOS 18, consumers can expect to see a significant leap in generative AI capabilities and user experience.

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