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Apple will launch two new iPhones with foldable displays

Apple is preparing to launch two new iPhones with foldable displays. According to the new rumors of today, in fact, the Cupertino house would be almost ready for the “big leap” in the world of devices with folding displays which today represents a niche in the smartphone market, dominated by Samsung. The two new projects could revolutionize the market once again.

Is Apple working on two new iPhones with foldable displays?

The new indiscretion that has appeared online in these hours anticipates a new possible revolution in the mobile phone sector. Apple may launch two new foldable display iPhones in the near future. The Cupertino company has already filed several patents on this type of technology, a sign that the research and development department is working intensively. The launch of the first projects may be closer than expected. The debut of the new iPhones could take place in 2023.

A clamshell smartphone?

The first (or earliest) foldable display iPhones may feature a “shell” design, a solution already used by other folding smartphone manufacturers in recent years. Samsung has had some success with the Galaxy Flip series which could soon have a new, fierce, competitor.

The first generation of foldable display iPhones could be made in 15-20 million units. Meanwhile, the foldable display smartphone industry is expected to grow to 90 million units sold annually by 2023.

Further updates on Apple’s moves will certainly arrive in the coming weeks.

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