Apple will no longer buy chips from China’s YMTC

Apple non potrà più acquistare chip dalla cinese YMTC thumbnail

Apple is forced to review its plans for the future and will no longer purchase the chips from Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC). The Chinese company, which aimed to become a reference partner for Apple over the next few years, has to deal with tighter export controls by the United States that continue to look badly at the development of the technology sector. Chinese.

Apple will no longer buy chips from YMTC

YMTC is included in one list of 30 Chinese companies defined as “unverified” by the US government. These companies have to deal with stricter controls from which new cases similar to the one involving Huawei could easily arise. Companies such as YMTC are included in this list because American officials have not yet been able to carry out the necessary checks to control the activities of the companies in question.

Apple intended to purchase 128-layer 3D NAND flash memory from YMTC. Now, as emerged from a new report, the Cupertino company must review its plans. In the near future, in fact, the company will have to find new partners in order to continue to access the components necessary for the realization of its products. We will see, in the near future, what Apple’s countermeasures will be to the choice of the American government regarding the role of YMTC.