Apple will not increase production of the iPhone 14

Apple non aumenterà la produzione degli iPhone 14: vendite insufficienti thumbnail

Sales of the new iPhone 14 unveiled at the beginning of September are going well, thanks above all to the success of the Pro models. The results achieved, however, they are not enough to justify an increase in orders from Apple to its suppliers. The company, therefore, would have informed the partners to cancel the plans linked to a possible increase in production of 6 million units for the iPhone 14 during the second half of 2022. Here are all the details relating to Apple’s future plans:

Apple will not increase production of the iPhone 14 during the second half of 2022: the Bloomberg report

The news was reported today by Bloomberg. According to estimates, the overall production of the iPhone will settle around the quota 90 million units for 2022, a figure in line with that of 2021. The expected production boost for the final part of 2022 will not be there. At the moment, in fact, the demand for the iPhone14 is high but not so high as to justify an increase in production.

To weigh, in particular, is the reduced demand for the iPhone 14. Users are focusing on the Pro models for the upgrade while the “non-Pro” versions are not particularly convincing, according to the first reports. For now, therefore, Apple will continue to maintain a standard production level, with no acceleration for the second half of the year. Further updates are expected to arrive over the next few weeks.