Empire of the Skies, the Anno 1800 DLC is now available

Empire of the Skies, il DLC di Anno 1800 è ora disponibile thumbnail

Empire of the Skiesthe new Anno 1800 DLC, is now available. Players will now be able to demonstrate their aeronautical skills with means that allow the transfer of troops to conquer an opposing island. Here are all the details on the second Season 4 DLC of the title.

Empire of the Skies, the Anno 1800 DLC is now available

In the session New World players will be able to use new building material and find out anti-aircraft technologiesand new scenario and the introduction of a mail system. They can use aluminum or helium to create five aircraft which can be used for both civilian and military missions.

They can also benefit by relocating workforce by air and allow all residents of the globe to stay connected with a new mail system. They will then use the new vehicles to attack enemy ports or protect their island with anti-aircraft technology.

Building and organizing your own airfleet, however, also requires parking hangar e landing platformswith them three new modules to hook them up. The new Clash of Couriers scenario will see them manage a independent shipping system in the New World, telling the story of Paloma Valente, who invented the airships.

With the release of Empire of the Skies, Anno 1800 also announces the arrival of a free update which offers a improvement of the quality of life e improvements. Anno 1800 is available on Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store. Players who wish can also subscribe to Ubisoft+ and get all Season Pass content at the launch of Year 1800 Day 1. For more information on the basic title you can consult the official site.