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Apple will not present its headset at WWDC 2022

Apple will not show its headset at WWDC 2022 thumbnail

According to the latest rumors, Apple shouldn’t introduce its own headset for mixed reality (XR) al WWDC 2022. The June event will instead focus on software news and Macs.

No Apple headset at WWDC 2022

According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman in his newsletter, Apple will not be able to introduce its headset in June. Despite the internal beta of iOS 16 carry references upon connection with the headset, it appears that Apple is not ready to launch the device.

Gurman writes: “Apple originally had big plans to use WWDC 2022 as a launch event for its mixed reality headset, which has been in the works for some time. But the company will skip that date for the debut of the device and may announce the product at the end of this year or in early 2023. Despite this, the beta versions of iOS 16, codenamed Sydneyare full of references to the headset and its interactions with the iPhone “.

Apple VR OLED viewer

The arrival of the viewer could therefore arrive in a dedicated event, perhaps with some minor updates before the big news. But this does not exclude that Apple may still present the operating system (which should be called realityOS) to their programmers.

In fact, presenting the viewer without first having an ecosystem of apps and a virtual App Store could prove to be a rash choice for Apple. So maybe we can see the software before the hardware. Although it cannot be ruled out that the WWDC 2022 event was concentratedi only on OS already present (iOS, macOS, etc.). Maybe with the possible announcement of a very powerful one Mac Pro.

We will find out more details before the start of the WWDC 2022 the June 6 of this year. We will keep you updated for any news regarding the event and the viewer for mixed reality.

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