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Continental launches new “V” -shaped display

Continental has unveiled a very sophisticated new V-shaped display that appears to be mounted on a new electric car, with a very advanced design both inside and out, of a no better “Asian manufacturer operating worldwide“.

Continental will cash in on one billion euros for this supply of the “V” shaped screen, which will be mounted on the entire range of models of this Asian global brand, and which therefore will not be exclusive to a top of the range.

Continental, here are the secrets of its new “V” -shaped display

Continental has indicated that it is a flat screen with internal backlighting, and curved in the central part so that the infotainment area also reaches the driver, while taking up space from the instrumentation in the center console. A format that will allow to view the most relevant information in total safetyminimizing distractions.

Two screens in one then, thanks to a special glass that has one curvature, a radius and an angle that allow the driver to be apart user experience. Continental’s new display is unique, thanks to in-house developed technology called “Optical Bonding”, a special bonding technique that eliminates empty spaces between the instrument cluster and the integrated information display.

In addition, its independent design contributes to a very smooth integration into the curved lines of the elegant shapes of the dashboard.

Philipp von Hirschheydt, Head of News Experience Business Area at Continental, said: “We are delighted to have received yet another series order for one of our most cutting-edge display solutions, once again demonstrating our proficiency in user experience. Our V-display solution offers superior comfort and ergonomics for the driver, makes it easier to capture important driving information and offers an even more engaging 2-in-1 solution. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicle variants ”.

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