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Apple will release iPadOS 16 in October

Apple will delay the release of iPadOS 16 a month, or so a recent Bloomberg report reports. Despite this, the release of iOS 16 seems to remain expected by the month of September. Apparently, therefore, the Cupertino company needs more time to improve the operating system of the iPad in relation to Stage Manager.

iPadOS 16: Apple will release the update in October

As announced by Bloomberg, Apple is aiming to release a version of iPadOS 16 in October as it is working on improving it new Stage Manager function. In reality, it is not clear what the company wants to optimize yet, as the update is in its fourth developer beta, and is also available for public beta testers.

“During the beta test, the system attracted criticism from some developers and users for its bugs, confusing interface and lack of compatibility with most iPads. The stunning release schedule will also allow Apple to dedicate more engineering resources to the completion of iOS 16, the software update that will be included with iPhone 14 in September “.

In any case, beyond the improvements, there may be other reasons for choosing Apple. According to Bloomberg, for example, releasing iPadOS 16 in October allows the company to get closer to the launch date of the new one iPad Pro. In short, it is not a random choice – but, on the other hand, with Apple these things never happen -. In the meantime, users will be able to settle for the official version of iOS 16. And we are sure it will be enough.

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