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Teufel Motiv Go review: astounding power and quality

In this review we will talk about the Teufel Motiv Go, a bluetooth speaker that really amazed me for its quality and sound power

I had already personally been able to appreciate several products Devil, a company that has always stood out for its very high quality in the products it sells. At the time I talked about the Teufel Supreme On headphones, today we talk about the Motiv Go. It is one speaker Bluetooth with apparently small shapes but capable of unleash a power combined with a quality such as to have really amazed me. Let’s not get lost in further talk and get to the heart of the review.

Packaging and Unboxing | Teufel Motiv Go Review

Teufel packs are certainly not among the most worked and aesthetically beautiful on the market. As I always say, the packages are the business card of a company, but in this case we must not be blocked by appearances. The packaging is in fact totally in raw cardboard, with black prints that show the name of the product and the brand. Inside we find only the speaker and its power supply well protected from possible bumps during transport.

Technical features

Let’s start talking about physical dimensions: width of 20cm, height 11cm and thickness 6cm for a total weight of just under one kilogram. Below is a rundown of the main features:

  • 3.5mm jack input
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth apX
  • Medium volume battery life 16 hours
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Output power 20W
  • Dynamore
  • Integrated microphone

Here are a few characteristic more detailed concerns the speakers:

  • 2 speakers
  • Diametro 50mm
  • 2 passive membranes per loudspeaker
  • Frequency range from 59 to 20000Hz
  • IPX5 certification

Design and first use | Teufel Motiv Go Review

Let’s start talking about design, which is certainly not why I was amazed. THE materials used are definitely premium, the general style is very neutral and, therefore, certainly suitable for any purpose of use. The dimensions so small and the weight so low do not let any of its character so marked and strong leak out. The speaker is available in different colors (black, blue, white and gray) and has several buttons on the top. Starting from the left we find that of on / off and, subsequently, that relating to Dynamore (we’ll talk about it at length in a moment). The button completes the upper push-button panel play/stop, the volume keys and the keys to go to the previous / next track.

On the right side of the speaker we find the button for coupling with the Bluetooth and compartment a Watertight (the device is in fact resistant to splashes with IPX5 certification) which contains the entrance jack and 3,5mm and the entrance to the charging. The first pairing was truly lightning-fast, as soon as it was turned on it entered autonomously in pairing mode not detecting any connection via the 3.5mm jack. THE colors of led of ignition also give, according to the emitted color, a esteem of the remaining battery.

How does she feel? | Teufel Motiv Go Review

Let’s finally move on to the paragraph that everyone would like to read first. It’s time to talk about the sound quality of this speaker. I must say that at first glance I was doubtful about the actual performance of such a small speaker. Once turned on, however, I really stayed impressed. I started with a very soft listening, music commercial, e in Bluetooth I can definitely say it is one of the speakers with the highest quality ever tried.

The acoustic effect becomes even better when we go to enable the Dynamore. I don’t know how they did it in Berlin, but when you activate this setting the sound effect is almost comparable to an audio system that is triple (if not quadruple) in size compared to the device in front of us. Incredible tone management: tall e defined averages e bassi incredibly full-bodied e present. The thing that completely blows me away is the estate a volumes truly crazy without ever making a noticeable distortion. All this in Bluetooth …

Other features and defects | Teufel Motiv Go Review

It is an understatement to talk exclusively about the audio quality, because being a complete review it is right to broaden the discussion by mentioning every feature. Perhaps the one I most preferred is the “Party mode”, that is the possibility of connecting the device to two smartphones via Bluetooth in order to be able to send songs being played alternately by the two devices.

Complete the features a good integrated microphone, can also be used safely for calls, a chassis in aluminum that gives’ stability and check the vibrations and a class D amplifier.

There are essentially two aspects that I would have liked to have seen in devil motif Go. First of all a purse or one bag that allows me to transport it safely (it can still be purchased separately), maybe even one shoulder bag to take it to pool parties or parties. The only problem I encountered with my laptop is that in Bluetooth, using the online version of Spotify, the songs did not actually start in synchrony with the double click. In fact, it happened more than once that the playback started after 1/2 seconds from the actual start of the track. I will investigate, and eventually let you know!

Conclusions and prices | Teufel Motiv Go Review

We finish this review with the knowledge that we have tested one speaker establishing gods new levels of quality sound. Now it will be up to all the competing companies of conform at these levels in this price range. Speaking of price range, this speaker non is surely economic. It is in fact available on Amazon at a price that fluctuates just under 250€. A product that I could not recommend if you are looking for a design object that can also make many audiophiles happy.

And what do you think of this Teufel Motive Go? Please let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Build quality
  • Audio quality
  • Excessive volume
  • Integrated microphone
  • Party mode

Points against

  • No carrying bag / bag
  • Some minor issues in Bluetooth playback
  • Slightly high price

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