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Apple won’t launch Mac Studio with M2 Ultra, which is too similar to Mac Pro

The new Mac Studio con chip M2 Ultra it won’t come in the near future: it seems that Apple thinks it is too similar to Mac Pro, the top of the range that Apple could announce soon. Apple may update the Mac Studio to the third or fourth generation of Apple Silicon chips.

Mac Studio with M2 Ultra will not come, too similar to Mac Pro

In the latest edition of the “Power On” newsletter, Gurman explained that the next Apple Mac Pro with a Cupertino-designed chip is “very similar in functionality to the Mac Studio.” Apple could then wait funtil the release of the M3 or M4 series chips. Or maybe it could never update this product.

Gurman writes: “I wouldn’t expect the introduction of a Mac Studio in the near future. The upcoming Mac Pro is very similar in functionality to Mac Studio and adds the M2 Ultra chip instead of the M1 Ultra. So it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to offer an M2 Ultra Mac Studio and an M2 Ultra Mac Pro at the same time. It’s more likely that Apple will never update the Mac Studio or keep it off the shelves until the M3 or M4 generation. At that point, the company could be able to better differentiate the Mac Studio from the Mac Pro”.

Compared to other Apple products (such as iPhones), there is little information about the Mac Pro before its release. This statement by Gurman confirms the release of the product, but also that the Power expectations could be scaled back.

Last month, rumors arrived that they want the cancellation of the “M2 Extreme” chip, which seemed to be the new processor for Mac Pro. Instead, the device should offer only the M2 Ultra, the next generation of the chip seen in the Mac Studio.

The recipe should be the same. The M2 Ultra chip will double the capabilities of the M2 Max chip, available only on the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. By pairing two processors, it promises record-breaking power. But not comparable to the enormous expectations that Apple users have come to expect from the Mac Pro. Although the availability of RAM and fixed memory, coupled with the larger design for greater heat dissipation, could make up for it.

At the moment there are no certain dates for the release of the Mac Pro, but it could debut this year.

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