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Apple working on 3 different mixed reality headsets

Apple is about to launch the new ones iPhone 14but that does not mean that the engineers from Cupertino do not continue to work. And it looks like they are hard at work on not one but well 3 different headsets for mixed reality, that Apple could launch soon: they are called “N301“, “N602” e “N421“. The first as early as January 2023, according to the latest rumors.

3 Apple headsets for mixed reality coming soon

According to reports Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s Apple super-expert, the first headset (N301) to come will be called Apple Reality Pro and will arrive in January 2023. The reporter writes: “In January, I heard that the company was thinking of calling the Apple Reality device. or Apple Vision. Now it appears that the company has chosen Apple Reality Pro come nome“.

Apple has been working on this device for a long time, which we thought we could see already this year. According to Gurman, on the other hand, it will arrive in January, a top-of-the-range viewer to blend virtual and augmented reality together. Instead a less expensive viewer (N602) should arrive in 2023 which should have similar features but a more affordable price. But without the premium features (and designed for workers) of the former.

apple viewer switch from vr to ar min

Finally, second Gurman will arrive a third (N421) that would be thought only for augmented reality. Of the “Apple Glasses”, even if the name is not yet official, more than real viewers. On this third device, the release date is much more uncertain.

All three should have the operating system RealityOS, a trademark that Apple has already filed. A proprietary SO, tailored for Apple. It also appears that it will have a special chip “Reality Processor“, But that should be based on the very powerful and efficient M2.

The Apple will soon give the own vision of the metaverse, it seems already starting next year. Perhaps it could be the consecration that this technology has been waiting for. Or one of the rare Cupertino flops: we will have to wait until 2023 to find out.

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