Fendi lancia due nuove esperienze nel metaverso insieme a Meta thumbnail

Fendi launches two new experiences in the metaverse together with Meta

The artisan tradition of Fendi meets the cutting edge technology of Metato throw two new experiences in the metaverse. After the launch of the men’s collection autumn-winter for this year inside the metaverse and the launch of the cryptocurrency wallet, Fendi does not stop. And he announces two effects for augmented reality.

Fendi launches two new experiences in the metaverse with Meta

Starting today 5 September, on Meta platforms (Instagram and Facebook in particular), they will launch two innovative AR effects, developed with Spark AR in the Goal. They are designed by BUCK, the creative agency. They want to integrate fashion into technology. Especially the new ones sneaker Faster.

The effect is called Faster by Fendi and allows you to add the AR object in your Stories and Reels in Instagram and on Facebook. But it’s not just a filter: it’s a real experience in the metaverse. In fact, by pointing your smartphone everywhere, you will see a archaeological environment where you can start your virtual excavations.

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With simple hand gestures you can unearth the fragments that will allow you to find them Faster, like real treasures underground. This is because Fendi has integrated the hand tracking technology developed by Meta, which allows you to interact in a natural way. Here the link of the effect.

Also available from today Masterpiece by Fendianother effect that is geo-activated only in Rome, near the Palace of Italian Civilization at Eur, where the headquarters of Fendi are located. By framing the sign at the entrance to the headquarters you will see a marble wall appear. That you will have to sculpt like modern Michelangelo to create a masterpiece: the Faster sneakers. Here is the effect.

These two experiences are possible thanks to technology Spark AR in Meta, which allows to support the creativity of brands. Fendi was inspired by the beautiful city in which it is based, bringing some of the historical magic of Rome to the metaverse.

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