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Apple working on an iPad-style smart display

Apple reportedly working on a number of smart home devices, including one smart display simile a iPad, but with a magnetic base (and a reduced cost). This product should compete directly with devices such as Google Nest Hub e Amazon Echo Show.

Apple wants to launch an iPad-style smart display

Apple is reportedly working on a brand new series of smart home devices, at least according to a report from Bloomberg. A new confirmation of interest in the smart home, after yesterday launching the second generation HomePod with the support for Matt.

Above all, Apple would be thinking about a display similar to a Google Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show. According to sources close to Cupertino, the device would be similar to an iPad but less expensive, oriented towards home use, and would include a magnet for mounting.

iPad Pro 14 inch

The device would appear to have less computational power than regular iPads. In fact, it would mostly be used for les chat FaceTimeas well as check out others smart home devices.

Also, it appears that Apple is exploring a Apple TV update with a faster processor for the first half of 2024. Although it seems that the device will not support 8K resolution. In recent months we have discussed a project that combine HomePod and Apple TV, but it seems to have suffered setbacks. However, it would still be in the works, according to the source.

Apple’s smart displays are still in their infancy and they won’t launch until early next year or maybe later. But Apple’s renewed interest in the smart home could bring Siri to a new batch of devices in the near future.

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