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CHILI: new iOS App and news for smart TVs

The new iOS App of the CHILI streaming platform is coming, as well as lots of new features for smart TVs

CHILI (here for more info) is the streaming platform that offers films, TV series, entertainment and a series of linear channels that can always be received via an Internet connection. In the last few hours, the new application for Apple iOS has been made available and introduced some new features on Android TV. The CHILI application can already be downloaded from the main marketplaces and the upgrades concern the mobile app version for iOS on the one hand, and the app universe for ANDROID TV and FIRE TV on the other.

Details on the new CHILI iOS App

For the iOS world (iPhone and iPad), version 1.1 released on the Apple Store is the result of a completely revolutionized redesign and architecture project. With benefits for the user both on the UX and development code side and includes the addition of the search bar for simpler and more intuitive navigation. This version adds to those dedicated to the Android mobile and TV world where the CHILI app is present on the Google PlayStore, HUAWEI’s AppGallery, Samsung’s Galaxy Store as well as the Smart TV ecosystem.

CHILI: new iOS App and news for smart TVs

The main novelties of the new CHILI iOS App

The main innovations implemented by the CHILI TECH unit will be four. The first couple of new features relate to iOS mobile devices. While the latest specifically concern Android TV, which with this upgrade adapts to what has already been developed for other TVs such as Samsung and LG. For users who use CHILI from Apple devices, the changes concern:

  • The ability to download movies in the library or purchased on your device. Thanks to this implementation, cinema and video enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their favorite content even on the go, in the absence of an internet connection, on an airplane or in the event of network instability.
  • An interface restyle that allows the user to detect the content to which he is interested immediately through the search filters or by entering the title directly into the search bar.

The main CHILI news for smart TVs

The second pair of innovations concerns the GoogleTV appwhich in the new version introduces:

  • A completely renewed design with a new look & feel of the interface characterized by the colors of the brand.
  • The pairing function that allows the user to access the downloaded app in a few seconds without having to manually enter their data with the remote control on the TV app.

What greatly benefits, as stated in the interview with the developers on CHILI’s Corporate website, is the browsing experience, which is now more captivating, but also simpler and more intuitive. Furthermore, the side menu has been updated resulting in more immediate access and in line with the most widespread and familiar usability parameters for the user.

How to access the new features

For Apple users, accessing the download function and other features included in the new CHILI Film Streaming app is very simple: just connect to the Apple Store and download the app for free. In general, CHILI’s investment in its application ecosystem continues with the development of features and improvements that place the user at the center of the film and television viewing experience. In fact, navigation in the Android TV app has also recently been revamped and is reaching users with progressive releases. These are important upgrades for users of the streaming platform who, from a simple content player, they will now be able to access films and titles on demand from their smartphone as well. Landing in a familiar environment that mirrors the interface of the Smart TV or Web Browser version of CHILI.

And you? What do you think about this new CHILI iOS App and new smart TV features ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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