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Apple working on an iPhone smart cover

Apple working on a smart cover for iPhone thumbnail

Apple continues to give us interesting news from every point of view. These days, for example, the company has published a patent related to one cover per iPhone which supports near-field wireless communication systems. Apparently, this case would significantly alter the operation and user interface (UI) of the smartphone. Curious to know how?

IPhone case: Apple working on a smart accessory

According to rumors, Apple is working on a smart iPhone case. This would mean that, if placed in a sport-focused case, the smartphone could propose an interface focused on this instead of the one users are used to. Or, placing the iPhone on a speaker dock the interface may change with a series of audio playback controls. In short, when the iPhone enters a cover or a smart dock, the interface changes to fit the accessory. By proposing a simpler and more intuitive solution than the one we already know on the smartphone.

cover iPhoneCredits: Patently Apple

What’s more, Apple’s patent clearly shows an iPhone housed in a Car Dock. Apparently, in this way CarPlay and Maps replace its standard user interface. But that is not all. The images present in the document of the Cupertino company also show one specific cover for the use of the camera and one dedicated exclusively to gaming. If so, then Apple would really be on the right track to optimize the user experience at the highest level. At this point, it remains to be seen when – and how – this patent will become a reality.

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