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Project CARS 4: the fourth chapter is under development

According to what was reported by the insider Tom Henderson, it seems that Project CARS 4 is in development at the Slightly Mad Studios

After the third chapter of the successful car racing series (we leave you our in-depth review here) some time has passed, two years since it was released in late August 2020, but it seems that the Slightly Mad Studios team is at work on Project CARS 4. But it is not the only roar of engines that we will hear in these days, so let’s go and understand the situation a little better!

Not only Project CARS 4: there are also Need for Speed ​​and F1 23

Lately Codemasters Cheshire and Criterion Games have merged to work on the next chapters of Need for Speedto remember that the gameplay of the mobile version has also been released, while Codemasters Bimingham is focusing on F1 22 and even F1 23but for now very little is known about it.

What is sure, always according to the words of insider Tom Henderson so take the news with a grain of salt, is that Project CARS 4 is under development and will be published both on PC and on various consoles last generation. It will therefore be a return to the “hard and pure” driving simulation and it should come out “Around 2024”.

Project CARS 4: the fourth chapter is under development

Even the next chapter of World Rally Championship, on the other hand, appears to be in an advanced stage of development and could arrive on both PC and console throughout the period between 2023 and 2027 with updates and mobile titles. PS of course the engine will be used Unreal Engine! Finally, regarding the series of Burnoutit seems that something is moving on the horizonbut it’s still too early to say anything.

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