Apple working on iPhone subscription service

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Although the “Far Out” event has given us great surprises, we have not yet had any certainty regarding the alleged subscription service hardware it will include Apple One and products like iPhones and iPads. Mark Gurman Bloomberg, however, said the company could introduce it later this year. And with good reason. The portal had anticipated the subscription as early as March, calling it “Apple’s biggest push towards recurring sales”. So let’s find out what it is about in detail.

Apple: subscription coming by the end of 2022

As far as we know, Apple’s new subscription service may link to bundles Apple One ed AppleCare, however, adding some exclusive services for users. As Bloomberg anticipated months ago, “the program would differ from an installment program in that the monthly fee would not be the price of the device split over 12 or 24 months. Rather, it would be a monthly fee yet to be determined, which would depend on the device chosen by the user. The company discussed allowing program users to replace their devices with new models when a new one is launched. Historically it releases new versions of its main devices, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, once a year “.

Now, after about three months, Gurman confirms what was anticipated in the past. “The company is in fact still working on a hardware subscription service that will integrate with its Apple One bundles – writes the expert in his newsletter -. Apple is actively testing this new service and I expect it to be launched later this year or next year ”. Apparently, however, the service would not have been announced on September 7th to “reduce the complexity of launch day. After all, it will add a whole new way to buy an iPhone “. And considering there will be an iPad and Mac launch event next month, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple decides to present its subscription on that occasion. At this point, we just have to wait.

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