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Risk prevention document: what is it, what is it for and why is it drawn up in the company?

The risk assessment or risk prevention document is a prospectus that allows you to enclose the risks and preventive measures for safety and health in the workplace

This is a mandatory document for all companies that have at least one employee who is part time or full time. The fact that the company has someone employed gives rise to the obligation to draw up the risk assessment document (DVR).

Therefore, a sole proprietorship without employees does not have to draw up any risk assessment documents. The reference legislation for prevention and safety in the workplace is the Consolidated text on safety at work Decree Lgs. 81/2008.

Risk prevention document: what is it?

Il risk prevention document DVR it is a document that identifies the possible risks present in a workplace and allows to analyze, evaluate and try to prevent dangerous situations for the employees who work within the company organization. After carrying out a risk assessment, it is possible to implement a prevention plan which aims to eliminate and reduce the probability of occurrence of dangerous situations.

Risk prevention document: who draws it up?

The risk prevention document is drawn up by responsible for the DVRor the Employer. The same employer cannot delegate this activity but can decide to rely on a technician specialized in the field of safety at work. In addition to the employer, there are other professional figures who are required to draw up the risk assessment document:

  • Representative of the Workers who is consulted in advance on the content of the risk assessment,
  • Competent Physician (MC) who is responsible for preparing the health surveillance protocol and contributes to assessing specific risks,
  • Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP) which contributes to planning the protection and prevention measures.

The employer’s signature is required for the risk assessment document to be valid. It is important that the document is also drawn up by all the other subjects, but the necessary signature is that of the employer.

Risk assessment document: what is it for?

The risk assessment document is essential to regularize the position of every company with at least one employee in the field of health and safety in the workplace. This table makes it possible to assess the probability of occurrence of an event harmful to employees, to suggest concrete prevention and protection measures and to calculate the extent of the damage.

The risk assessment must contain the following information, including: organization chart of the prevention and protection service, company data, identification of duties, description of the work cycle, program of prevention and protection measures, report on the assessment of all risks and program of improvement interventions.

To simplify the procedures, some types of companies can use the standardized risk assessment document, but it is important to contextualize the document taking into account the premises, equipment and work situations.

Risk assessment document: when is it mandatory?

The Risk Assessment Document is obligatory for all companies that have at least one employee or collaborator. The DVR must be drawn up:

  • immediately, when a worker joins an already operational company,
  • within 90 days for a new business.

Risk assessment document: who are exempt?

The realities exempt the obligation to draft the risk assessment document are self-employed workers and family businesses, which follow the regulations provided for in Article 2222 of the Civil Code.