Apple’s AR headset: big power (and big price)

Il visore AR di Apple: grande potenza (e grande prezzo) thumbnail

Apple this year he will launch his own viewer for AR and VR, which promises to be a giant of power but also of price. In fact the performances will be similar to those of a MacBook Pro chip M1 Pro. And the price should exceed the threshold of 2,000 dollarsi.

Apple, the AR viewer has important power and price

According to Mark reports Gurman by Bloomberg in its Power On newsletter, Apple’s next device wants to be a top-of-the-line in all respects. In recent months, there has already been talk of the fact that Apple was developing a dedicated chip, but with one raw power similar to that of the M1 Pro chip we’ve seen in the last few MacBooks.

Lots of power to process images and deliver a high-end AR and VR experience. But quality comes at a cost. In fact, if in the past Gurman had anticipated that the device would be expensive, it now seems that sources inside Apple report a price above $ 2,000.

A render of the Apple AR headset

The analyst explains that “Apple typically charges a little more than competitors for its products.” And this time too it will be like this. But to determine the “price above $ 2,000” will be “internal technologies”. According to the analyst, in fact, the chip as powerful as an M1 Pro will allow graphics capabilities above the average of the viewers currently available for the consumer market. Like M1, the new chip is expected to have up to 8 cores in the CPU and even 14 or 16 graphics cores.

Gurman also announced that the viewer, designed especially for media, games and calls in VR, could have one of the following three names: Apple Sight (The iSight), Apple Reality The Apple Vision. But at the moment there is still nothing defined on this front, with the Apple marketing team still outlining the right strategy.

The viewer should arrive in the next few months, even if there is no precise date yet: we only know that it will arrive in course of 2022. We will keep you posted.

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