Apple’s AR headset will recognize hand gestures

Il visore AR di Apple riconoscerà i gesti delle mani thumbnail

According to the latest rumors, the Apple AR viewer will have gods sensori 3D very sensitive, able to recognize and interpret hand gestures. This should give users the ability to manage the experience intuitively.

Apple, the AR headset will recognize hand gestures

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo go back to talking about the viewer for reality increased and virtual Apple, which should arrive on the market at the end of 2022. According to reports from the expert, the system should be equipped with 3D movement, capable of analyzing hand movement to ensure a truly intuitive user interface.

Kuo writes: “We anticipate that the structured light of the AR / MR viewer can detect not only the user’s position change or other people’s hands and objects in front of the user’s eyes. But also the dynamic changes of the hands. Just like Face ID can recognize changes in users’ expressions. Capturing these details can provide a more intuitive human-machine interface. For example, if the user is holding a virtual balloon in their hand, opening his hand could let it fly away“.

To succeed in this technological feat, Apple inserts four sets of 3D sensors into its viewer, of higher quality than those currently used in iPhones. In fact according to Kuo, the quality of the questor type of human-machine interaction could be the key to the success of the Apple headset.

In addition to hand gesture recognition, Apple’s AR headset should be able to recognize the voice, the eye movement and of the irises, the facial expressions and the skin, as well as recognizing its own movement in space. This would allow our virtual avatar to move like us, in all respects.

We are confident that by the end of 2022, before the launch of this device, there will be more details to share. We will keep you posted.