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Apple’s AR / VR headset will arrive by 2022

The latest rumors reveal that Apple aims to bring its own into production AR / VR viewer already in August or September of this year, for then launch it on the market by the end of 2022. Apple’s suppliers would be preparing for the assembly of the device. That should cost you over $ 3,000.

Apple: AR / VR headset will debut by the end of 2022

According to DigiTimes reports, Apple has finished the production tests on its headset for augmented and virtual reality. After evaluating the quality of the products assembled by its suppliershe is already planning the mass production of the device.

Apple’s supply chain sources refer to a new pre-production phase, prior to the start of mass production scheduled for August or September. This would lead to a launch scheduled for the end of the year.

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The launch for 2022 had long been in Apple’s plans, as reported in recent months. But recently analyst Mark Gurman had explained that some delays in the development phaseor they would have led to a delay in launch. It was therefore thought of a date in early 2023 for the product.

However, according to DigiTimes sources, the production problems would have been resolved and the launch possible within the fine of this year. This concerns the AR / VR headset that Apple has developed especially for professionals, with an expected price of over $ 3,000.

Recently, however, the possibility is increasingly emerging that the Apple is also working on gods Apple Glasses. Glasses of simpler construction that allow interactions with augmented reality. But the information on this is much less precise and there is not much information available. We will keep you posted.

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