Apple’s AR / VR headset will only work near an iPhone or Mac

Il visore AR/VR di Apple funzionerà solo vicino a un iPhone o Mac thumbnail

The long-awaited and talked about Apple’s AR / VR headset it will depend on another device to work, a iPhone or a Mac connected wireless. According to the latest rumors, in fact, the set (which could be called Apple Glass) would have a SoC designed to transmit data only from another Apple processor.

Apple: The AR / VR headset will only work with iPhone or Mac

The Information reports that the viewer will not use the “neural engine”Developed by Apple, which manages artificial intelligence and machine learning in Cupertino devices. Instead, the chip is designed to be super-performing in receiving and transmitting data, compressing and decompressing video data better than any other processor.

The headset then functions as an enhanced “mixed reality screen”, without the ability to process data independently. This is also to have the highest possible autonomy, allowing you to enjoy augmented or virtual reality for as long as possible.

Limits in the ability to process data may be only a temporary solution. Early Apple Watch models delegated a great deal to the iPhone to which they were connected. While today they can be much more independent, without giving up autonomy. However, it looks like the viewer should have one GPU and CPU inside, to make rendering easier. But relying on other Apple devices for the “hardest jobs”.

The Information also reports that the headset will have an “unusually large” graphics sensor, to increase image resolution. But that is difficult to build, slowing down the development of the device. Which according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo it should still come by 2022. Although it seems that the first model will be only for developers, with the first commercial product arriving between 2023 and 2025.

We will therefore have to wait a little longer to enter the mixed reality of Cupertino. We will keep you informed for each update.

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