Aprilia Tuareg Experience goes off-road school

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Aprilia ed Enduro Republic they want to involve lovers of the “dirt” by showing the skill of the new Tuareg 660 with the Tuareg Experience. Based in Piacenza, the off-road school will offer courses at its facility in Grazzano Visconti and guided tours on the trails of Emilia Romagna. Each participant will pilot the last one Adventure Bike by Aprilia.

The organizers recommend that novice motorcyclists take the Tuareg training course before venturing into the wilderness. The course includes both personal instruction and group training on the Enduro Republic off-road circuit. Aprilia Tuareg Experience also promotes the participation of a team of friends, with a discounted price model.

For a single rider, Tuareg Training costs € 450, but the price drops to € 400 for couples and € 350 for groups of three or more. Participants who drive their own Tuareg 660 will receive a € 200 discount. Courses are available all year round, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of each week.

Aprilia Tuareg Experience, there is also the option with bivouac

The package Tuareg Freeride maintains the same schedule and payment structure as the Tuareg Training course, but the guided tour sends the centaurs on the unpaved and less traveled roads that surround the base of the Enduro Republic. Those who wish to test the limits of the Tuareg 660 can opt for the Tuareg Bivouac option (Bivouac). The two-day adventure reels over some of the most challenging terrain the region has to offer.

ApriliaTuareg Experience

At the end of the first day, participants will be able to enjoy a dinner by the fire at a secret bivouac point to complete the rally experience. An appointed assistant will also help transport luggage and equipment to the set up bivouac and provide support if needed. While the two-day shipping will lighten the wallets of € 750 the owners of Tuareg 660 will enjoy a discount of € 350 if they use their own motorbike.

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