Su Hogwarts Legacy arriva la modalità aracnofobia thumbnail

Arachnophobia mode comes to Hogwarts Legacy

The new update of Hogwarts Legacythe spectacular action-RPG set in the Harry Potter narrative universe, added a arachnophobia mode which will look very familiar to you if you have seen the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

After all, the open world developed by Avalanche Software is full of references, often even very subtle, to books and films. In the game there are, for example, a series of side missions in which you will have to follow butterflies. A clear tribute to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsi, when Ron, arachnophobic to the core, just doesn’t appreciate Hagrid’s advice to “follow the spiders”. And in fact he says “follow the spiders? Couldn’t it be following the butterflies?”

But let’s get back to us: how does arachnophobia mode work in hogwarts legacy?

The arachnophobia mode in Hogwarts Legacy (and that subtle reference to the third film)

First, the mode consists of changing the image of spiders. Not only this it will sweeten the terrifying look of those cute 8-legged fellows, but it will also remove their terrifying cries. The corpses of spiders scattered throughout the game world will also be absent as a tribute to Aragog (“oh Aragog, your body will decompose but your soul will remain with us forever”).

There’s more to it though: Arachnophobia mode adds skates to spiders.

Here too there is obviously a tribute to the third book/film, when Professor Lupine puts the students in front of a Boggart (a creature that changes shape according to the deepest fears of whoever is in front of it). Ron’s Boggart inevitably becomes a giant spider but, thanks to the Riddikulus spell (which serves to ridicule fear and drive the Boggart away) the huge arachnid transforms into a creature with 8 skates instead of legs.

Chapeau to the developers of Hogwarts Legacy for yet another creative gimmick in homage to the works we have read, seen and loved. Meanwhile just from today I am Available versions of Hogwarts Legacy for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

If you want to play it (or play it again) be sure to check out our dedicated guides.

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